Responsibility towards the environment and human society, careful use of resources, sustainable business activities in harmony with ecology and economy - these are cornerstones of our company policy.

To fulfil all our obligations in this respect, HANNING & KAHL decided in 2001 to introduce an environmental management system in compliance with DIN EN ISO 14001, to firmly integrate this management system into corporate processes and to continue to develop it. Environmental management aspires to continuously enhance environmental performance and identify new opportunities. Specification of environmental issues and environmental policy; and definition of environmental objectives are vital.

HANNING & KAHL has defined the following key environmental management modules for the company:

·         Manufacturing processes / product development

·         Use of energy, raw materials and resources

·         Waste management

·         Use of chemical materials and produce

·         Emissions into air and water

·         Observance of (inter-)national laws and regulations --compliance

·         Staff competence, training and awareness

·         Emergency management