HANNING & KAHL material number:

41341/K1003944; 41342/K1003945; 41343/K1003946; 41390/K1003981; 41391/K1003982; 41462/K1004022; 41744/K1004083; 41784/K1004108; 41787/K1004110; 42046/K1004253; 52839/K1007340; 25069360/K1040785; 25069441/K1040864; 25069614/K1041035; 290000305/K1094116; 24050049/K1039224

HANNING & KAHL inform you that the production of the above-mentioned speed sensor due to obsolescence. Of course, HANNING & KAHL is aware of its obligation as a system supplier of complete electrohydraulic brake systems to continue to serve serial deliveries and the after sales market.

The existing speed sensors can be replaced by a follow-up product with the same range of functions. It is not possible to place a last order for the above-mentioned part numbers. For orders already confirmed, the successor product will be delivered.

Please contact Mr. Tietz +49 5202 707-668 or Mr. Davies +49 5202 707-8162 if you need further information.

HANNING & KAHL braking systems and hydraulically activated point machines have been operated with Pentopol J32 hydraulic oil for many years. The particular product properties of Pentopol J32 were the reason why only this hydraulic oil was approved by HANNING & KAHL for use in our products.

Fuchs Schmierstoffe GmbH, the company which owns the brand Pentopol, has announced that they will be discontinuing production of hydraulic oil Pentopol J32 in Q1 2022 as one additive is no longer available. Parallel to this, Fuchs Schmierstoffe has presented a product with comparable properties.

Fuchs Schmierstoffe’s new hydraulic oil is called Renolin ZAF 32 BHV.

From 01 December 2021, Renolin ZAF 32 BHV hydraulic oil is approved for use as an operating medium for our braking systems and point machines.

Prior to granting qualification and approval of the new hydraulic oil, HANNING & KAHL carried out diverse intensive tests:

  • Tests for media stability (seals, surfaces)
  • Tests for examination of the lubrication properties (wear of components)
  • Tests for operational suitability (wear and temperature behaviour)

Renolin ZAF 32 BHV and Pentopol J32 can be mixed in any ratio. Existing stocks may be used up, approval for Pentopol J32 remains unchanged. No particular measures are necessary for first use of Renolin ZAF 32 BHV. It is not necessary to flush or clean the equipment outside of the normal maintenance intervals.

However, we would like to point out that if the oils are mixed, an oil analysis of the mixture can no longer be unambiguously assessed.

Renolin ZAF 32 BHV which is also naturally almost colourless is also yellow coloured.

In addition, HANNING & KAHL is currently working on approval of a second alternative to Pentopol J32. Corresponding tests are ongoing prior to approval and qualification. Approval of this alternative is to be expected mid 2022.

Your account managers and clerks would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Technical Data Sheet Renolin ZAF 32 BHV

Safety Fact Sheet Renolin ZAF 32 BHV


Announcement about Obsolescence Proportional Pressure Control Valves
The following HANNING & KAHL Material numbers are affected:
40112 (SAP No. K1003242) and 40117 (SAP No. K1003246)

We hereby inform you that HANNING & KAHL will discontinue the delivery for above mentioned valves due to obsolescence.

Of course, we are aware of our obligation as a system supplier of complete electrohydraulic brake systems. We will continue to serve the after-sales market. In the future, there will be a further developed successor product that is functionally and installation compatible.

Due to the age of the affected units, there will be individual solutions for this. It is therefore necessary to assess in each individual case to what extent adaptations to the hardware as well as the software will have to be made.

Please call Mr Tietz +49 5202 707-668 or Mr Davies +49 5202 707-8162 if you need further information.