Condition Monitoring beside the Rail and on the Rail

In many sectors, continuous monitoring of processes and machines is becoming more and more important in order to increase safety and efficiency. With ConnAct®, HANNING & KAHL already offers customers a comprehensive solution for worldwide monitoring and diagnosis of many products related to rail transportation.

The system is used in stationary operations for diagnosis of infrastructure components. The point machines and signalling installations of vital transportation hubs can be continuously monitored. ConnAct® can also detect the status of systems installed in the vehicle.

A central HLUmulti controller collects, for example, status data from the GripMaster® sanding systems. The individual control units of the sanding systems, which ensure best-possible friction coefficient between wheel and rail, communicate with the HLUmulti per Ethernet. In special situations, for example failure of a solenoid valve, an entry is generated in the event recorder and email notification sent.

Every time sand is requested, the corresponding progression of vehicle speed is recorded. With this information, the system calculates the sand consumption of each axle, thus enabling optimised sand management on the depot. In this case, ConnAct® also analyses the vehicle’s driving performance and the operating times of the compressors, valves and heating elements. GripMaster®s variable sand-flow control greatly reduces silting and component wear.

Signal paths and statistical evaluations are stored on the HLUmulti and accessible to authorised groups via the mobile communications network. Professional connection management and the use of MultiSIM cards guarantee best-possible connectivity to each individual vehicle. Connections can be visualised and administered in the web browser independently of the customer’s own network.

Continuous monitoring is the basis for early detection of system changes and needs-based maintenance of safety-relevant systems. If malfunctions occur, the cause can be quickly identified and maintenance effort minimised.

ConnAct® enables active cooperation with our customers and connects them day after day to the products and services offered by HANNING & KAHL.