A New Format for Training Workshops on Point and Signalling Technology

HANNING & KAHL has been offering training courses for decades and we have now revised our proven provision and adapted it to the state-of-the-art requirements. Two fundamental changes will apply for point and signalling technology workshops as of 2018.

The workshop blocks currently offered in the German language in spring and in autumn will be supplemented by a block in summer with workshops in English.

Courses are currently offered in two versions: basis workshops on current products will continue to be offered free of charge for participants as a service provided by our Infrastructure & Signalling Division. In these workshops, we present our products and describe and demonstrate their use. They provide sound basic knowledge of HANNING & KAHL products and instruction on the operation of point machines and control components and refresh the knowledge you already have. Basic workshop training time is deliberately kept short, generally one day per point technology product. Signalling technology, for example HN-P controllers on two days, and all other topics in one day respectively. Workshops on point technology can be combined to save frequent travelling, the dates of the individual events are co-ordinated. Workshops on control technology and on communication systems can be combined.

We round off our offerings with intensive workshops which provide detailed knowledge of the respective systems. Participants should be familiar with fundamental functions. Apart from refreshing theoretical basics, these fee-based workshops focus on details and participation. For this reason, the maximum number of participants is more restricted than in the basis workshops and the number of training days extended. Special topics are also offered in intensive workshops - these include “old” systems like point controllers in relay technology. Following demonstration by the trainer, participants can repeat the work by themselves. If possible, participants should bring their own laptops in order to be able to work alone with the diagnostic programs used for the HN-P controllers for points and signalling installations, HCS communication systems and HZM force-measuring system for commissioning and maintenance.

We would also be delighted to advise you on custom workshops. Please let us know your requirements and we can compile a list of themes and plan performance place and times. As the equipment which we use is, in the main, transportable, we can easily hold a workshop on your premises. Training can also be extended to components installed in the line network. Just get in touch with us and we will help set up the training which best suits you and your requirements.