Different Countries– Other Requirements

Developing and supplying highly-specialized railway technology to over 30 countries around the globe is a challenge for everyone at HANNING & KAHL. Apart from developing generic products, specific customer, market and country requirements have to be met in customer projects.

Whereas in other economic sectors, e.g. the automobile industry, customer requirements are often the same worldwide and facilitated by a large number of international standardisation processes, the rail industry is still very much a highly individual business characterised by the customised requirements of transportation providers and system houses (fire protection, electromagnetic compatibility, safety, etc.)

It is particularly challenging when certification obtained in Germany is not recognised in other countries or has to be acquired anew in a locally authorised laboratory in the respective country. HANNING & KAHL meets this challenge with an individual team of specialists from the operating divisions who are supported by central departments like Quality Management and Purchasing. Alongside an international network of contacts for standardisation processes and product approval, we have also established many long-year partnerships with accredited laboratories and inspection bodies all over the world.

Keeping employees abreast of specific requirements through continuing professional development plays a vital role at HANNING & KAHL. This is backed up by our annual in-house CPD program for all members of staff which coaches soft skills, like technical English and intercultural communication, as well as professional qualifications.

If you need verification of special requirements in particular markets or countries today or in future projects, just speak to us.