Access to the point controllers and the new signalling installation
Cable entry points in the bunkel
An aerial view of Hasselbachplatz
The track selection board on Hasselbachplatz
The LED signal transmitters are SIL 3 certified in compliance with CENELEC EN 50129

New Signalling Installation for the Three-Quarter Grand Union in Magdeburg

The signalling system at Magdeburg’s public transport hub Hasselbachplatz (a four-way intersection and three-quarter grand union) had to be completely renewed. This was a complex project which HANNING & KAHL successfully implemented for Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe (MVB).

In Magdeburg, the signalling system and the point controller operate autonomously. The existing point controllers set and secure points and routes. A new signalling installation was needed to monitor and direct trams coming and going from four directions.

Track circuits replaced by mass detector coils

At the request of our customer, the track circuits in the signalling installation were replaced by mass detector coils which are activated by HCS-R receiver loops. The advantage: thanks to this combination, road traffic cannot indicate incorrect occupation on the mass detector coil. That meant that all track circuits had to be removed, and the mass detector coils and the receiver loops installed for the new signalling installation. The cable system also had to be renewed and the cabinets replaced.

The bunker – an amazing underground space saver

One particular feature of Hasselbachplatz is the location of the point controllers and the new signalling installation. The control cabinets are all underneath the four-way intersection in a kind of bunker which can only be accessed through a floor hatch and via a vertical telescopic ladder. This made it more difficult to replace the cabinets, but with MVB’s active support, HANNING & KAHL was able to bring the “old” cabinets up and the new signalling installation down in one piece. The customized operating display which is above ground on Hasselbachplatz is also unique. It depicts the track diagram and the corresponding track switches which illuminate the corresponding LED when occupied. The points can also be electrically set and unloc­ked from here.

Challenges during the construction phase

As the trams run every couple of minutes at Hasselbachplatz, the Square could not be blocked off completely. To avoid disruptions when refurbishing the track components, there were separate construction phases for each of the four roads into the square. One lane was closed to road traffic at a time but trams ran as usual. With the help of Magdeburg-Hannoversche Baugesellschaft (MHB) and MVB, HANNING & KAHL’s customer service technicians installed the track switches and mounted empty conduits awnd rail boxes, laid new cables and renewed the track surface within a tight time framework.

All in all, reconstructing Hasselbachplatz was an interesting project which we brought to a successful conclusion by intensive communication and with the support of Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe and civil engineering company MHB.