Training Customers in Doha

HANNING & KAHL supplied the hydraulic braking equipment for 19 Siemens vehicles for the Siemens Avenio Qatar Education City project. We carried out the first customer training workshop for Siemens on site in Doha in June 2018.

The Avenio vehicles are equipped with passive HYS 101/09 and active HYA 26/50 brake calipers. The compact HZY-K100-DP and HZY-K100-AP pressure generators are activated via the valve control boards. Customer training took place on the outskirts of Doha very close to Education City. Education City is a newly built neighbourhood with a number of educational facilities. Rail-based public transportation will be provided in the city which is to be car-free.

The objective of the customer workshop was to train Siemens staff how to work with hydraulic brake components. The nine participants were first familiarized with the construction and function of the hydraulic brake system in theoretical instructions. This was followed by hands-on preventive maintenance work on a vehicle. The practical use of testing and service equipment supplied by HANNING & KAHL was also explained. “Learning by doing”, the participants quickly acquired skills and gained experience.

The second part of the workshop concentrated on the corrective maintenance of brake components. Together, the HANNING & KAHL team and the participants disassembled, inspected and reassembled the brake components and followed up with a function inspection. All participants displayed their extensive knowledge and skills in a final test. HANNING & KAHL would like to thank everyone for cooperating so well.