Current information for our business partners

The number of people infected with coronavirus COVID-19 is rising every day. At HANNING & KAHL, we are following a strategy of prevention and have taken various precautionary measures to protect our staff and maintain our business operations.


We have established behavioural guidelines for our employees as regards the coronavirus: these include no hand-shaking, keeping a distance to contact persons and mounting disinfection points.

We have also set up a coronavirus info block in our corporate intranet where all information on the topic is collected. We communicate all internal measures and decisions transparently to all employees.

Business and other trips to risk areas identified by the Robert Koch Institute are forbidden. We are also trying to stop business trips and engage in telephone or video conferences instead. This also applies for forthcoming customer visits. We have taken these measures to protect our employees, customers and visitors.

The depth of our in-house production means we are not as dependent as other companies in the sector, and COVID-19 is not affecting our ability to supply. We are also in regular contact with our key suppliers.

The production dates are currently not affected by coronavirus. However, as the transportation situation remains tense, it is difficult to predict how things will proceed. Delays may occur particularly in the case of cross-border transportation even when delivery dates have been confirmed.
For coordination purposes, please let us know in good time whether your company/incoming goods department has been closed.

We are following current developments and recommendations and taking the advice of the Robert Koch Institute and our local public health office, with which we are in regular contact.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Best wishes from Oerlinghausen – stay well !

All training workshops are cancelled until 17.04.2020.