Assembly of a point heater controller with limited space capacity
Point heating at work

The End of the Ice Age.

Point Heater Controllers


When the ice comes ...

With temperatures around or below zero plus high humidity or precipitation, points can quickly freeze over and become difficult to set. Point heaters must be switched on in good time to avoid problems and to heat the points in energy-saving manner

 ... your points are safe.

HANNING & KAHL offers a reliable solution: the HCP control panel as an autark system for point heater controllers. Continuously analysing temperature and air humidity in the area of the point, the HCP switches point heaters on automatically when parameters become critical, and off again as soon as temperatures rise. Parameters can be individually determined and clearly visualised on a large, illuminated clear-text display. HCP point heater controllers comply with VDV guideline 560 and fulfil the following standards:

  • DIN EN 50121-4 (EMC)
  • DIN EN 50122-1 (Protective measures)
  • DIN EN 50125-3 (Environmental conditions)
  • DIN EN 50163 (Feeding voltages)

Technical Data

Operating voltage DC 600 (750) V, AC 230/400 V, DC 24 V
Permissible temperature range -25 ... +70 °C
Can be supplied on a mounting plate or integrated into H&K control equipment or in a separate control cabinet
Control Temperature and/or humidity-dependent or via remote switch-on
Heating-rod operating voltage AC 240 V (with or without upstream isolating transformers) or DC 600 (750) V
Heating-rod heating capacity 900 to 1200 W
Number of heating rods 2 plus (depending on possible size of the control cabinet )
Monitoring current sensors per heating group/heating rod
Diagnosis via cable, fibre optics or GPRS