Depot networking concept
Redundant ring structure
Controller networking
Networking via GSM or GPRS
Networking via GSM or GPRS


We use powerful, modern technology to exchange data between controllers.
Ethernet networking
HANNING & KAHL deploys modern networking on the basis of industrial Ethernet. In particular when planning and designing depot controllers and wayside equipment, this technology facilitates maximum efficiency and flexibility. Connection to higher-ranking computer systems (Operate & Observe, control systems, depot management systems) is thus state of the art.
Controller networks
Local controllers are networked via LAN. A standard bus system guarantees safe communication and easy extension. Copper or fibre-optic cables can be used depending on customer requirements. Ring, star or redundant structures arepossible.
Telephone line, GSM or GPRS
HANNING & KAHL networks existing communication channels such as telephone lines, GSM or GPRS to read out event recorders from a distance or to communicate malfunctions and pass the information on to a central location. Advantage: access via existing communication channels means no investments in wiring and it is simple and cost-effective.