Electro-Mechanical Brake Systems

Brake Even

As a specialist for electro-mechanical braking systems, HANNING & KAHL offers you reliable partnership, innovations, sound production capacity and the experience of many demanding product developments which have successfully proven themselves in operation. At HANNING & KAHL, you profit from well-engineered quality from one single source: we develop, design and produce electro-mechanical braking systems in-house in the Westphalian town of Oerlinghausen. For 100 percent quality and zero compromise.

Economically efficient > Electrically-generated braking force. Maintained without energy. Sovereign force.Reliable > No pressurized components. No leakage.Maintenance-free > No oil change, pressure tank, hydraulic tubing, system bleeding.Environmentally sound > No hydraulic oil. No oil disposal. No strain on the environment.Adaptable > No mechanical interface problems.