Rotor lock HERW 120
Rotor lock HERW 200
Bringing the rotor to a swift and safe stop.
Manual operating unit

Rotor Lock

Electro-mechanical rotor lock HERW deployed in wind turbines enables swift and safe locking of the rotor without the use of hydraulics.The conical shape of the pin simplifies pre-positioning of the rotor and the powerful drive of the rotor lock pulls the rotor into its final position. The rotor lock can only be actively moved out of its final position. Self-locking drive ensures that external loads prevent  unintended movement of the rotor lock.

In contrast to conventional hydraulic rotor locks whose actuating force is substantially greater in locking than in unlocking direction, the travel force of HANNING & KAHL's electro-mechanical rotor locks is equal in both directions. This prevents the pin from jamming when locked.

Technical Data

Type Pin diameter Permissible max. shearing force
HERW 120 120 mm 500 kN
HERW 200 200 mm 2000 kN
HERW 240 240 mm 4000 kN