Yaw brake HEAW 400
Yaw brake brings the rotor to a nacelle to a safe stop in the wind.
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Yaw Brakes

Electro-mechanical yaw brakes deployed in wind turbines ensure safe holding of the nacelle in the wind and yawing with partial braking force or with brake completely released. The brakes are powered by an electric motor; clamping force is built up actively via a gear system.

The braking force is maintained without additional power. The new yaw brake system clearly demonstrates the logical continuation of our development strategy; compact design, robust construction and the absence of external moving parts form the basis for a product that rounds off HANNING & KAHL's portfolio. All yaw brakes in a nacelle can be activated individually and independently of each other and are thus redundant components which increase the availability of the braking system.

Control options

  •  The upstream wind turbine controller activates the components and evaluates the position indicators.
  • Each brake is equipped with a simple controller, the wind turbine controller only transmits a brake / release command.
  • Each brake is equipped with an intelligent controller which performs extensive self-diagnosis and exchanges status data with the wind turbine controller via a bus system.