Hydraulic levelling system

Hydraulic Levelling

To avoid differences in car body height and hazardous gaps between tram and platform when passengers are boarding and alighting, HANNING & KAHL has added a system for levelling tram cars to its product portfolio.

The levelling system ensures that car bodies are kept at a defined level in all operating states and circumstances. Several functions are integrated such as automatic adjustment of wheel tyre wear, compensation of the primary springs in the bogie, as well as levelling of changes in height (caused by passenger change). Position, travel and pressure sensors are used to control and monitor levelling so that wayside and vehicle-dictated clearance limits are kept, thus guaranteeing operational safety at all times.

The overall system consists of a hydraulic unit (HZY), a valve control stage (HVU), a lifting cylinder (HYHZ), activation electronics (LCU) and the position sensors (DS).