Innovative point machine of the H715 series integrated into the ILASS point-setting system
Low-maintenance point lock integrated into the ILASS point-setting system
Point lock and drive mechanism in a compact robust system

ILASS. Integrated Locking And Switch System

ILASS®combines point lock and point machine in one system - the outstanding advantages of the CDP point lock EVZ and the HANNING & KAHL point machines H715 in a compact, robust system. The result: superior performance, greatest convenience and highest reliability. ILASS® is SIL4 approved as an all-in-one system and predestined for all flat-bottom-rail networks with its compact design:

  • Mainline, high-speed and heavy-duty traffic
  • Secondary and industrial lines
  • Metro / underground railways
  • Tram and light rail lines

ILASS® can replace existing point machines with minimum retrofitting effort. The standard interfaces (detector and drive rods) can be used. Installation side can be freely chosen and changed easily.

Characteristic features of the ILASS point-setting system

  • No more compatibility problems
  • SIL4 approval in system
  • Fulfils international standards
  • Powerful technology in small space
  • No time-consuming repairs on site
  • ILASS® consists of easily replacable sub-assemblies – low-maintenance and economically-efficient.
  • Lock and monitoring component
  • Visible lock position and trailing spring
  • Extremely quiet
  • Can also be supplied as individual component