Point machines for 61.1 Metro series
Point machine of 61.1 Metro series for driverless systems
Point machines of 61.1 Metro series on lines for driverless systems
Point machine of 61.1 Metro series for train protection
Point machine of HW 61.1 Metro series in highly-frequented metro operation
Point machine of HW 61.1 Metro series in highly-frequented metro operation

Point machines of the 61.1-Metro series

The point machine of the 61.1-Metro series is designed for deployment in train-protection applications on metro, underground and suburban railways. The compact, sturdy and safe point machine fulfils all safety requirements. Certified for fulfillment of SIL4, CENELEC EN 50129 and internationally patented, the 61.1-Metro series is geared towards the demanding requirements of high-frequency metro operations.


Characteristic features of the 61.1-Metro series

  • Redundant locking concept
  • SIL4 in compliance with CENELEC EN 50129
  • Rated IP67 by an independent body: resistant to dust, sand and (dirty) water
  • Also suitable for driverless systems like people movers Construction / Assembly
  • Extremely compact, simply and swiftly mounted
  • Installation in the centre or at the side of the tracks
  • Suitable for gauges ≥ 900mm
  • For use in line networks, on bridges and in tunnels
  • Drives and detector rod connection for all point types
  • Compatible with interlocking technology of all system houses
  • All track installation options possible
  • Several synchronised drives can be integrated per point Safety / Economic Efficiency
  • Individual lever box protection protects against unauthorised manual activation
  • Protection against vandalism (optional)
  • Diagnostic tool for as-required maintenance
  • Optimal MTBF and MTTR values
  • Fast and simple manual setting with just one stroke

Technical data 61.1-Metro series

Point opening 120mm
Gauge ≥ 900mm
Trailing force of the open point tongue 7,000 N
Pressing force of the spring assembly min. 1,000 N, progressively adjustable up to 3500 N
Torque required for manual setting < 400 Nm
Smallest setting time 0.5 s, dependent on point opening
Electro-hydraulic drive (setting force ca. 5,000 N) DC 600 V / 750 V (+20 %, -30 %)*
AC 115 V / 208 V (3 Ph) +10 %, -15 %*
AC 230 V / 400 V (3 Ph) +10 %, -15 %*
AC 120 V (1 Ph) +10%, -15 %*
AC 230 V (1Ph) +10%, -15 %*
Housing protection with proper mounting and maintenance EU: IP 67 (EN 60529)
USA: NEMA Type 6 (250-1997)
Safety integrity level SIL 4 in compliance with EN 50129

* more alternatives possible