Optional LED display for local display of point position
Point machine SWE Solar rationalises rail operations in simple and efficient manner
Closed HWE Solar point machine
High-performance solar panel ensures network independence
Control unit with battery buffer and pushbutton

Point Machines of the Solar Series

In order to be able to electrically set points even when they are on remote track lines, the HWE Solar point machine gets its drive energy directly from solar radiation. A solar panel mounted beside the installed point machine charges a battery in a controller. To set the point, the train driver merely operates the pushbutton on the controller. The point is then electrically set, the point end position can be visually displayed.

This rationalises rail operations and makes life easier for vehicle staff on branch lines of factory sidings and industrial railways. The point–setting system offers you flexible and efficient sequences and convenient and safe operations ... with a very low investment requirement and minimum follow-on costs.

Characteristic features of the Solar series

  • Grid-independent, electrically-powered setting force for local use
  • LED display for local indication of point position
  • Straightforward, autarkic setting system
  • High-performing solar panel
  • Maintenance-free battery in the pushbutton control cabinet
  • End-position holding with adjustable spring assembly
  • Manual activation possible


Performance spectrum Solar series

Hydraulic drive 12 V DC
Point opening 100 to 160 mm
Setting force (adjustable) up to 7,500 N
Holding force 3,500 N
Setting time 2 to 4 s
Number of activations in battery mode over 300
Dimensions (L x W x H) 630 x 600 x 263 mm