Measuring setting lever integrated into earthcase
Foot actuator and point-position indicator in an earthcase which can be driven over
Integrated point controller in an earthcase which can be driven over
Point machine of 61.1 series in earthcase which can be driven over by ton-weight road traffic
Point machines, point-position indicators and foot actuators are exposed to extreme loads in container terminals

Switch & Control

Technical equipment deployed in container terminals is exposed to extreme conditions. Engineers and operators all over the world are convincedby the legendary stability of HANNING & KAHL point machines.

For special requirements: all components, including the point controller and signals, are embedded in the ground and can be crossed by heavy road traffic. Embedded installation ensures free transportation routes and prevents vandalism and unauthorized activation. The heart of the unit is the proven HANNING & KAHL point machine of the 61 series with electro-hydraulic drive and integrated point controller. To start the point setting procedure, the point controller is activated via a foot actuator. The resulting point position is signalled by two LED indicator lamps.


Point throw 37 mm ... 100 mm
Setting force 5000 N (can be adjusted progressively)
Protection class EU: IP68 in compliance with DIN VDE 0470,
Operating voltage point machine AC 120 V +10% -15 %, 60 Hz
Operating voltage controller DC 120 V +10% -15 %
Testing voltage in line with VDE 0831 2500 V, 50 Hz