Manual point machine of 500 series in earthcase
Manual point machine of 500 series in a grooved rail point
Point machines of 500 series for manual setting in adverse conditions
Rod connection directly on lever box as no rod opening on housing

Manual Point Machines of the 500 Series

Manual Point Machines of the 500 series from HANNING & KAHL are a pragmatic and cost-effective solution for depots and stabling areas for light rail vehicles and trams. Points are optimally equipped with this compact point machine. With the 500 series, grooved rail points can be operated manually. The point machine is installed in space-saving manner in the middle of the track; it can also be optionally installed on the side and it can be trailed wear-free.

Characteristic features of the manual point machine 500 series

  • IP67 housing protects against environmental influences and ground water
  • No rod openings or bellows
  • Compact design in sub-assembly structure
  • Corrosion protection of all components
  • Simple manual activation with one stroke of setting lever
  • Adjustable fatigue-durable pressure-spring assembly

Technical Data Manual Point Machine 500 Series

Drive form manual in spring-back or throwover function
Point types flat-bed and deep-bed
Point opening up to 65 mm
Operating force 5,000 N
Holding force up to 4,000 N
Manual setting max. 400 N with 1 m setting lever
Overall height 280mm with housing

* Alternative voltage on request