Point Machines of the 160 Series

The manual point machines for installation in flat-bottom and deep-bed points offer flexible deployment possibilities. Installation is possible beside or between the tracks. As with all manual point machines supplied by HANNING & KAHL, throw-over and spring-back function are possible at all times without replacing components. The point can be set manually with just one stroke of a setting lever - without cranking or pumping.

Characteristic features of the 160 series

  • Suitable for different point types, point openings and gauges,
  • Redundant, progressively adjustable spring force for safe position of point tongues,
  • End-position damping for noise reduction

Technical data 160 Series

Drive form manual, in throwover and spring-back function
Point type deep-bed, flat-bottom
Manual setting force up to 2,000 N,
Progressively adjustable point opening 60 to 100 mm (up to 80 mm as spring-back)
Construction height 430 mm including earthcase
Earthcase can be crossed by an axle load of 12 t, or can be walked over with light cover
Permissible speed when faced max. 15 km/h
Permissible trailing speed in spring-back function max. 25 km/h