The spring assembly can hold point tongues with high friction and spring forces
Manual point machine of 100 series with low maintenance requirement
Manual point machine of 180 series for robust deployment in flat-bottom points
Point machine of 180 series convinces with extremely powerful spring assembly and uncomplicated and simple form of manual activation

Point Machines of the 180 series

For points which are trailed and also for points which are faced, which are seldom set, a manual point machine is the most pragmatic and economically-efficent solution. Manual point machines made by HANNING & KAHL have proven themselves in decades of worldwide operation.

The new HANNING & KAHL 180 series is ideal for robust deployment in flat-bottom points. Manual setting convinces operators with an extremely powerful spring assembly and uncomplicated and simple manual activation –and with point openings up to 160 mm.

Characteristic features of the 180 series

  • High spring forces
  • Small manual setting forces
  • High availability
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Effortless installation
  • Comprehensive diagnostic options

Technical Data 180 Series

Gauges all gauges possible
Point opening 100 to 160 mm
Permissible speed faced crossing up to 15 km/h, trailed crossing up to 25 km/h
Installation in point right or left side on sleeper or concrete plate
Holding force/spring assembly adjustable up to 5,000 N
Torque for manual setting smaller than 400 N/m (with 1m setting lever max. 400 N)
Dimensions housing L=800 mm / H=270 mm / B=320 mm