Rail box on a flat-bottom point
Rail boxes protect electric connections on the rail
Interior mounting of rail box on a rail profile 60Ri1/Ri60
Rail box on a grooved rail

Rail boxes

HANNING & KAHL’s practical rail boxes protect electric connections on rails. The patented rail boxes can be screwed onto the inside or the outside of all rail profiles or welded on with mounting ribs. The cables are connected to the rail via independent contact screws inside the rail box. Rail boxes can also be supplied with a special coating for straycurrent insulation on request.

The technical attributes of new screw-on rail box:

  • Installation height of the rail box on guiding edge level of the grooved rail
  • Rail box support by defined surface mounting on the web and on the foot of the rail
  • Designed for permanent crossing by road traffic
  • In-lying screwed connection on replaceable tapped strip between rail box and rail box cover ensures extra protection and easy exchange
  • Flexible application for all cable-laying concepts (flat / deep)
  • Can be retrofitted on existing bore-holes in the rail on account of compatibility with predecessor
  • Inclined installation for drained road surfaces or road surfaces sloping towards the rail possible.
  • Versatile insertion possibilities for empty conduits

Technical Data

Dimensions 170 x 353 x 217 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 17.5 kg