Dynamic LED light strips integrated into the floor
Hand rail with built-in lighting for escape route guidance
The GuideLight system integrated into a mounting profile

GuideLight. The Intelligent Guiding System

GuideLight in hazardous situations

When people have to be evacuated, in fires or other emergencies, GuideLight indicates the optimum escape route. With dynamic light strips, escape route signage and other components, people flow is directed with high visibility and safely. Possible locations for GuideLight are railway buildings, underground railways and tunnels as well as hotels, theatres, cinemas and clinics.

HANNING & KAHL‘s GuideLight is an electrically-operated guide marking system based on LED module technology. Integrated into the floor, the system meets the highest demands of mechanical and chemical stress. When smoke builds up, conventional safety lighting can no longer be recognised. GuideLight provides optimum static or dynamic orientation for passengers and rescue services.

The software can be programed for every conceivable scenario. It can process the signals of all existing sensors, and it reacts to events and changes as they take place.