Hydraulic test bench with VDT

This hydraulic test bench consists of a stationary and a mobile part. The PC is located in the mobile element. The advantage for you is that you can carry out and record all measuring tests on the vehicle i.e. without dismounting the brake components. The device is equipped with an automatic program which runs through the entire brake system and displays the cause of the malfunction - this is very helpful if sporadic malfunctions occur. All malfunctions are recorded with details of the date and time they occurred in an archive.

After an accident, the hydraulic test bench can be used to verify that the brake is functioning correctly. When the testing program is completed, all the values measured can be recorded in a report and printed out.

Technical Data Test bench

Operating voltage 400 volt, 3-phase
Fuse protection 16 A
Oil tank volume 40 l
Filtered oil, recommended not > NAS-class 6
Accumulating volume 4 l

Technical Data Pressure settings

Accumulator initial pressure 140 bar
Pump cut-in pressure 155 bar (variable adjustment)
Pump cut-out pressure 185 bar (variable adjustment)
Safety valve 190 bar (variable adjustment)
Triggering via PC with VDT
Record of results printer