Portable hand pump

Hydraulic units can be filled cleanly and with precision with the portable hand pump. An appropriate hose fitting with micro-filter inset is connected to the handpump, creating a closed system. Fresh hydraulic oil is now pumped with the hand pump through the hose fitting into the oil container of the hydraulic unit, giving contamination no chance to get into the system. The hand pump can also be used to auxiliary release brake actuators.

For this purpose, the hand pump is adapted to the hydraulic auxiliary release connection. Auxiliary release procedure is started by activation of the manual lever. The pressure which builds up is displayed on a manometer. A built-in safety valve protects the hand pump, the hose line and the brake actuators connected from inadmissibly high loads: when the pre-set pressure value is reached, the safety valve opens the oil flow to the oil container so that the preset value cannot be exceeded. The pressure value of the safety valve is set customer specifically at the factory and must not be altered.

Technical Data

Composition Hand pump with connected oil container, outlet filter and manometer.
Dimensions Length 280 mm without filter and oil container, Width 110 mm, Length 550 mm with filter and oil container
Filter fineness
Manometer Pressure range up to 160 bar
Accessories Mini-measuring hose available in various lengths