Taking a measurement on a magnetic point machine in a grooved-rail point
Lock Inspector

Lock Inspector

Assessing the operating safetyof point machines.

Have you have always wanted to know whether your point-settingsystems are operationally safe? With HANNING & KAHL’s new Lock Inspector you can objectively assess the safety of your point machines of the 61 and 61.1 series. Our Lock Inspector measures wear on the locking component, enabling you to take any steps which may be necessary.

The delocking path actually required by the locking device during a trailing procedure is measured. The trailing procedure is induced by the respective open side. The result is displayed by an analog gauge. The display is divided into colour segments, providing a clear statement:

  • Red colour segment: no longer safe. Wear reserve is used up or components are damaged. Urgent measures necessary.
  • Yellow colour segment: wear reserve is at a minimum. Corresponding measures must be taken during the next inspection.
  • Green colour segment: proper condition. Sufficient wear reserve. No damage to the locking component.

The measuring device does not require any other tools or intervention in the point-setting system. Measurement is possible on magnetic and hydraulic point machines mounted in flat-bottomand grooved rail points.

When carrying out inspections, HANNING & KAHL’s Lock Inspector helps you to determine the safety status of the overall system rapidly, reliably and with very little effort.