Point controllers and signalling installations in relay technology

To be able to perform commissioning, regular inspection and repair work, transport authority staff need sound knowledge of the point controllers and signalling installations deployed.

This workshop covers the following topics:

  • Guidelines to be taken into consideration when using a controlling device
  • Function and set-up of a relay controller
  • Function and test of the individual sub-assemblies
  • Dimensioning and assembly of track accessories
  • Tuning and commissioning of rail-vehicle detection switches HFP track circuit and HFK mass detector circuit for controllers in relay technology
  • Trouble-shooting, fault clearance
  • Examples of point controllers and signalling installations

A point controller in relay technology is available in the HANNING & KAHL training centre for tuning the track and mass detector circuits. The function of the controllers can be demonstrated in conjunction with a real point machine.

This workshop is specifically designed for staff who carry out maintenance and repair work on this type of controller. The objective of this intensive workshop is to give participants the information they need to be able to engage in tuning and inspection work necessary on the equipment.

HNR Intensive - 2497
Seminar location:
Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 6
33813 Oerlinghausen
Target group:
Operating and management staff from the field of signalling technology
Jochen Wiegelmann, HANNING & KAHL
Lunch, soft drinks, seminar documentation, seminar certificate
120,00 € per person
by 02.08.2019


HNR Intensive - 2497

Date: 23.08.2019
Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Deadline: 02.08.2019

State: places available