Signal transmitter with day/night switch-over
Day/night switch-over activates a lower luminosity as daylight diminishes
Customised special solutions possible in all colours
LED signal transmitters are a technically and economically superior solution

Signals and Signal Poles

LED signal transmitters are the superior solution from both a technical and economic point of view when it comes to indicating signals. A wide range of signal aspects are available in different colours for safety and information purposes, and we manufacture all kinds of customer-specific symbols even for orders of just one piece. For multi-functional applications, we use our innovative combi-signals. The latest innovation is the deployment of SMD light-emitting diodes which allow dimming (day / night switch-over) and consume muchless current while providing the same luminous intensity. In addition, intelligent matrix signals are available for representation of almost every desired symbol.

HANNING & KAHL's LED-signal transmitters fulfil SIL 3 safety requirements and are compatible with all common housing systems. For assembly of the signal transmitter housing, we offer awide range of metal and plastic poles. From the simple straight pole to the whip mast. All poles are prepared for straightforward assembly and significantly reduce the time required.