Communication systems

HANNING & KAHL's HCS communication systems are optimally tuned for exchange of information between vehicle, line and OCC. You, too, can benefit from the safety andcon venience of communication systems for the following applications, for example:
  • Point setting
  • Route setting
  • Influencing of signalling installations (traffic acceleration)
  • Passenger information
  • CAD/AVL systems (ITCS)
  • Data collection for diagnosis purposes
  • Vehicle tracking
HCS-R communication system
The HCS-R communication system has proven itself in operation a thousandfold all over the world. With state-of-the-artmicroprocessor technology, the HCS-R system is extremely flexible and can be used in multiple applications. It allows wireless transmission of commands and information from vehicles to the wayside (one-way) and integration of the HCS-R system into networks and management systems.

HCS-V communication system

The two-way communication system HCS-V facilitates wireless transmission of information and commands from vehicles to wayside and vice versa. The HCS-V system consists of vehicle and wayside equipment and has the same performance characteristics as the HCS-R system described above. The state-of-the-art technology with two-way design offers many application possibilities and more advantages.

Communication system HCS-Z

The HCS-Z is an IMU100-compatible communication system.The HCS-Z can decode and evaluate IMU telegrams received via a receiver loop or coupling coil (HCS-Z-A). A receiver loop or coupling coil can be connected to every receiver (HCS-Z-R).  A RS232 interface is available for transfer of the entire telegram content. If more than one coupling coil is used, up to 12 HCS-Z receivers can be networked via a CAN bus interface.