Electro-Hydraulic Module

Plug & Play

HANNING & KAHL has added an electro-hydraulic module for hydraulic brake activation to its product portfolio designed especially for the use of hydraulic brake systems in metro vehicles. The ready-to-install, electro-hydraulic module comprises hydraulic pressure generation, pressure regulation and electric control in one. The wiring between the electronic brake control unit and the hydraulic system which usually takes place in the vehicle is already integrated. In basic version, the electro-hydraulic module is composed of proven standard components in modular design. Further functions can also be integrated into the electro-hydraulic module in line with technical braking requirements.

The Advantages for You:

  • substantial minimisation of vehicle wiring
  • straightforward mounting of a tried and tested module
  • easy commissioning
  • good accessibility to all individual modules/standard components
  • high availability with simple and fast replacement of individual modules / standard components
  • minor maintenance and simple repair by straightforward replace ment of individual modules

Technical Data

type EHM Electro-hydraulic-module
Number of activated bogies/wheelsets Independent electric/hydraulic activation of 2 bogies
Voltage DC 24 V (train control wire DC 48 V)
Communication interface CAN/MVB/Ethernet
Dimensions 1100 x 510 x 500 (L x W x D in mm)
Weight ca. 90 kg
Hydraulic activation Proportional per bogie
Housing protection IP65
Permissible system pressure 160 bar