Spring-applied actuator HYS 106 mounted in motor bogie
Auxiliary release pump mounted in motor bogie
Hydraulic power unit HZY-K100-DPR mounted in motor bogie
Low-floor vehicle KONYA

100 % Low-Floor Vehicles, System Variant ForCity

The vehicle consists of five car bodies which rest on two motor bogies and one trailer bogie.

The motor bogies are equipped with two longitudinally-mounted motors, each of which powers an axle via an angular gearbox. A spring-applied brake caliper HYS 106 is positioned between motor and transmission which acts on the fast-moving brake disc. Brake pad wear is compensated by an automatic slack adjuster which is integrated into the spring-applied actuator. The two spring-applied actuators are proportionally controlled via a hydraulic power unit HZY K100-DPR with emergency braking function. The HEY-C brake control unit converts the braking signals of the train control unit into corresponding signals to the hydraulic power unit.

In the trailer bogie, each axle is braked by two exterior HYS 258 spring-applied actuators. Proportional activation with slide-protection monitoring is performed for both axles via a hydraulic power unit HZY K140-PR with emergency braking function and external pressure accumulator which in turn receives its signals from a HEY-C brake control unit.
All bogies have an auxiliary release pump in order to be able to manually release the spring-applied actuators via a second hydraulic circuit which is independent of the service circuit in the event of a malfunction. Safe release/ engagement of the spring-applied actuators concerned is signalled via a pressure switch.