At HANNING & KAHL, we calibrate HZM force-measuring devices, force-measuring pins and their measuring chain for our customers. A well-devised calibrating process (in compliance with DIN376) guarantees rapid turnaround with a high quality standard.

The result of the calibration is confirmation that the current measuring precision complies with manufacturer specifications. If the deviations on the tested force-measuring devices or measuring pin are too large, they are newly adjusted. The calibrating results are automatically read into the HZM force-measuring device, and thus the HZM and the measuring pin are immediately ready for operation again.

Along with each device, customers receive a factory-issued calibration certificate and the calibrating results are stored in our testing-equipment management system. We also offer this service for the safeTEC force-measuring device supplied by VTEC GmbH.

All services at a glance:

  • Factory calibration by an accredited test facility in compliance with German DAkkS standard
  • Factory calibration certificate
  • Archiving of calibrating results in testing-equipment management system
  • Replacement of accumulators and batteries
  • Software update
  • Visual check
  • Cleaning

Use our convenient and fast pick-up service. Visit our homepage to arrange our pick-up service for your force-measuring devices and pins which are defective and due for calibration.