Remote access via LAN
Remote access via public network
Networking HN-P systems
Networking concept HVIP systems

Interfaces and Networking

We offer safe and powerful technology to connect HN-P and HVIP vital processor systems to each other, and to connect them to a central control room.

Interconnection of vital processor systems
Vital processor systems of type HN-P are serially connected to each other via a SIL3-certified RS485 interface, allowing an architecture of a master and up to 8 slaves. 

HVIP vital processor systems are connected to each other via a safe communication protocol per DIN EN50159, based on an Ethernet network. Each individual HVIP system can communicate with up to 16 other systems. Meshed networks can be built up with much greater availability and flexibility in comparison to master / slave networks.

Connection of vital processor systems to a central control room 

Connection via Mobile Network
Connection via the mobile network is through a modem in the ConnAct® HLUmulti controller. Access via these existing communication channels can be implemented cost-ef-fectively as no investments in cabling are required. We offer global SIM cards with different data tariffs for domestic and foreign networks with maximum network coverage. These make the connection to a network which is monitored by our provider. This ensures secure data connection to the systems in the field. Customers and, if necessary, also HANNING & KAHL can access the systems via VPN. 

The capacity to remotely read out event and error memory data is a central element of ConnAct® Service. 

Connection to ConnAct®​​​​​​​ Operation installed in the central control room can also be realized via public networks.

Connection via Ethernet 
For customers who administer their own cable-connected data network and who would like to integrate point controllers or signalling installations, connection is via Ethernet. Here, too, the main component is the ConnAct®​​​​​​​ HLUmulti controller with two integrated and independent Ethernet interfaces.