Brake discs

No braking force without friction coefficient

HANNING & KAHL brake discs are designed with braking specifications and brake strengths in line with the requirements for urban transport vehicles. Brake discs are exposed to extremely high mechanical and thermic strain. 

Customised to the respective bogie/chassis designs and drive concepts, we offer a wide range of brake discs. Brake discs are primarily made from grey cast iron, nodular cast iron or cast from suitable steel alloys, and then machined.

Technical Data

type Place of installation Dimensions Comments
Axle-mounted brake discs (BS) ventilated Wheel set, hollow gearbox shaft Ø 340mm – 640mm Consisting of friction ring and hub, split friction rings (optional)
Flange-mounted brake discs (FBS), ventilated Wheel, stub axle, gearbox flange Ø 260mm – 460mm Generally one-piece
Solid brake discs (VBS) High-speed motor shaft Ø 300mm – 370mm Consisting of friction ring and hub