The universal rail box
The rail box for a flat rail profile
Installed rail box for a flat rail profile
The weld-on rail box
Installed weld-on rail box
The rail box which holds more
Installed rail box which holds more
The rail-to-rail rail box
Installed rail-to-rail rail box

Rail Boxes

Quality Counts

Rail boxes made by HANNING & KAHL protect contacts in the track bed against corrosion and mechanical impact. Electric connections can be accessed by opening the rail box cover. Vehicle-detection components can also be stored here.

The robust cast HANNING & KAHL rail box is designed for continuous crossing by road traffic. It is suitable for all rail profiles and can be flexibly deployed for all cable-laying concepts: cables can be routed from the side and from the bottom. A foam-rubber seal between the web of the rail and the rail box keeps the interior dry.

With a slip-resistant, profiled cover upper side, the rail box can be mounted on the guiding edge level of grooved rails. Thanks to its modular construction, corpus and cover are the same for all applications. The rail box can be individually adjusted to all rail profiles with bespoke attachment kits. The length of the contact bolts can be freely selected to ensure convenient accessibility.

Advantages of rail boxes

  • The rail box is supported by defined surface mounting on the foot and the web of the rail.
  • Clearance between rail box and rail profile can be customised.
  • Protection against aggressive ambient conditions (e.g. precipitation, winter salting, dust, stray current) by gasket in the cover seal
  • Attachment screws to the web of the rail are secured against twisting: the screw connection can be undone and tightened even on embedded track.
  • The components of the screw connection for cover attachment come in high-quality steel and are exchangeable.
  • The use of hexagon screws means the screw connections can always be swiftly undone even if severely contaminated.
  • Inclined installation possible for adaptation to road surfaces sloping towards the rail

Options for rail boxes

  • Pipe connection, size and position as required by customer
  • Screwed cable glands
  • Seal inserts for cable sealing
  • Coating for stray-current insulation
  • Cembre contacts
  • Bus bar for large number of contact points
  • Drainage connection
  • Customer requirements can be quickly implemented