Industrial shock absorbers for electro-magnetic point machines
Point machine of the HW 61.1. series in flat-bottom track
Point machine of the HW 61.1. series in grooved track
Point machine of the HW 61.1. series with earthcase in flat-bottom track

Point machines of the 61.1 series

The modular point machine of the 61.1 series can be deployed for all transport authority requirements. Positive locking of the drive rods and an independent detector lock device fulfil SIL 4 in compliance with CENELEC EN 50129 specifications. It is supplied with four-wire activation for deployment in electrical locally-set points (EOW) or electronic interlocking controllers in mainline technology.

The features of the 61.1series:

  • Silicone bellows
  • Housing with cable guidance and optimised cover attachment
  • Sturdy lever box
  • Optimised hydraulic cylinder
  • Robust and conveniently adjustable damping unit for the electro-magnetic version
  • Hydraulic unit now also for 600/750 V DC operation
  • Corrosion protection of all components
  • Diagnostic system as an option via ConnAct®

Technical data point machine 61.1 series

Drive form electro-magnetic, electro-hydraulic
Point type grooved rail and flat-bottom
Setting force up to 5,000 N
Point opening up to 100 mm
Pressing force of the spring assembly up to 3,000 N
Operating voltages 600/750 V DC, 230/400 V AC, Other operating voltages on request
Temperature range - 25°C…+ 70°C
Protection class IP67 in compliance with EN 60529
Safety integrity (depending on version) up to SIL 4 in compliance with EN 50129