Perfect force-measuring on passive and active brake actuators

As a compact unit with display device and storage space for load cells, this dynameter case is an excellent complement to the hydraulic simulator from the HANNING& KAHL range of service equipment. With integrated trolley, the case can be easily transported even when loaded with up to 4 force-measuring sensors including summing box.

The measuring and display element has 8 memory cells which make life easier for users because the different measuring cells used do not have to be recalibrated. Passwords prevent undesired access to stored calibration data. All this means that the instrument is ready for use, and measuring can begin after just a few simple steps. The dynameter can also be connected to the mains network on site which makes it a reliable tool. Always available even when in operation over longer periods as neither battery nor charging device are necessary.

Technical Data

230 V / 50..60 Hz oder 115 V / 50..60 Hz
Einstellung ab Werk 230 V
10-stellige alphanumerische Anzeige
Bedienung über Folientaster
Parameterspeicher für 8 Kraftaufnehmer
Kraftaufnehmer als DMS oder induktive Voll- und Halbbrücken anschließbar