Vehicle detection

HFK mass detection coils
HFK mass detection coils are specially designed for track installation and HFK mass detection circuits. Different versions are available depending on the application:

  • HFK coil with external tuning module
  • HFK coil with external tuning module, mounted in concrete polymer
  • Mounting kit for installation of HFK coil on sleepers in open track

HFP track circuit transformers
Transmitter and receiver transformers supplied by HANNING & KAHL have proven themselves in HFP track circuits over decades:

  • Symmetric connection cable (installation in the centre of a track in a railbox)
  • Asymmetric connection cable (one-sided installation in a rail box)
  • Symmetric connection cable (installation in the centre of a track without rail box)T

The transformers have protected connections for connecting cable to the controller.

HSK blocking circuits

HANNING & KAHL supplies all track installation components required for operation of blocking circuit systems. The components have proven themselves in years of practical application and are available in numerous versions: insulated tie bars, short circuit connector cables, blocking circuit connector cables, rail boxes, tuning capacitors, input/output junction boxes, connecting cable.