Function test of a hydraulic unit
Disassembly of a spring-applied caliper prior to general overhaul
General overhaul badge for all hydraulic brake components
Assembly of overhauled individual parts
Function test of a spring-applied caliper after a general overhaul
Project planning in the brake system product centre

General Overhaul

Your Check-Up for Hydraulic Brake Systems

As operators face increasing cost pressure, vehicle reserves are being driven back to barely acceptable levels, making vehicle availability vital. Downtimes while vehicles undergo maintenance work must be reduced. To ensure a high level of vehicle availability, preventive maintenance is becoming more important.

HANNING & KAHL has been offering general overhauls of brake components for decades. With all the experience gained in overhauling equipment and because we are familiar with customer requirements, we can customize our service packages. The advantages of general overhaul (GO) at HANNING & KAHL at a glance:
  • General overhaul as specified in BOStrab/EBO
  • Maintenance recommendations as per HANNING & KAHL operating manual
  • On request, disassembly for examination purposes under customer supervision to determine scope of GO
  • Use of original spare parts
  • Substitute equipment provided on request
  • New warranty on material and service work
  • Protocolled function test
  • Technical upgrade of components (due to obsolesence or technical modifications)
  • First commissioning on customer site with final test in accordance with HANNING & KAHL inspection sheet (commissioning, flushing & bleeding of tubing system)