Hydraulic power unit HZY K100
Hydraulic power unit HZY K140

Hydraulic Power Units

Reliability in the Smallest of Spaces

Hydraulic power units supplied by HANNING & KAHL reliably control all functions necessary for operation of the braking unit. Our hydraulic power units have a compact design consisting of three parts: tank, manifold and hood. The particularly compact basic device can be fitted on request with convenient or special-purpose functions. These, however, require more installation space. Hydraulic power units are ideal for deployment in low-floor vehicles where very little space is available. It is possible to activate all the brakes on the bogie by means of a common hydraulic circuit or to control the brakes of each axle individually using separate hydraulic circuits depending on the hydraulic units selected.

Technical Data

type HZY K100 HZY K140 HZY K200
volume 100 x 250 x 350 mm 140 x 300 x 400 mm 200 x 400 x 500 mm
control function;brake type stepped/(proportional), active/passive stepped/(proportional), active/passive stepped/(proportional), auxiliary function,active/passive
channel 1-channel 1-channel (2-channel)nalig) 1-channel (2-channel)
controlling unit train control/VSS/BSG train control/VSS/BSG train control/VSS/BSG
mounting place bogie/car body (bogie)/car body (bogie)/car body
pressure range 100 bar 145 bar 170 bar
weight ca. 15 – 20 kg 30 – 32 kg 50 – 60 kg