Active Brake Caliper

Apart from the spring-applied actuators, HANNING & KAHL also supplies so-called "Active" brakes, where braking force is generated by hydraulic pressure. This favourably- priced type of brake is an appropriate choice whenever the extra safety advantages of the spring-applied actuators are not essential. They are primarily deployed in the brakes in trailer bogies to support the electro-dynamic service brake and maximise brake force whenever emergency braking is called for. Active brakes fit well into the modular concept because they have the same mechanical interface as the springapplied actuators. It is thus possible to equip the vehicle with the type of brakes driving conditions actually demand without changing the design in any way.

Technical Data

Type HYA - 48/56 HYA - 26/50
Mounted to/effective as trailer bogie wheel wheel/single wheel brake
Force range up to 56 kN 25 - 30 kN
Type Floating calipeer with torque brace fixed saddle
Force transfer signle force cartridge, direct force cartridges on both sides, direct
slack adjustment via piston stroke via piston stroke
Application service brake, substitution brake, emergency brake service brake, substitution brake, emergency brake
Berake disk (Ø, Breite) Ø 400 mm, s 60 mm Ø 340 - 440 mm, s 32 - 75 mm80 mm, s 60 mm