Manual point machine of 40 series in grooved-rail points
Manual point machine of 40 series suitable for all point types, point openings and gauges

Point Machines of the 40 Series

This manual point machine of the 40 series made by HANNING & KAHL is characterized by compact design and robust technology. The 40 series offers an economical solution for points which are trailed or for faced points which are only seldom reset.

Attributes of the 40 series:

  • Robust technology
  • Compact design
  • Desired setting to spring-back or throwover function with same components possible on site
  • Suitable for most point types, openings and gauges
  • Manual setting possible with low force requirement with one stroke purely mechanically
  • Redundant, progressively adjustable spring assembly for safe position of point tongues
  • End-position damping to reduce noise
  • Can be adapted in earthcases of other makes

Technical data 40 series

Drive manual, in throw-over and trailable function
Point type grooved rail (flat-bed, deep-bed)
Retention up to 2,000 N
Point opening up to 60 mm
Overall height 450 mm incl. earthcase