Complete function test for each point machine
General overhaul badge for all point machines
Disassembly of all components of a point machine
As-new housing as basis for every point machine
Cleaning of all components and surfaces
Overhauled parts are installed

General Overhaul

Your Check-Up for Point Machines They do the heavy work on the railway lines :point machines are on duty around the clock. 365 days a year. Often setting points on average every 90 to 120 seconds. That means up to 1.5 million settings over a 5-year period. Point machines have to function properly under extreme conditions: water, road dirt, snow, salt and sand. They have to withstand severe vibrations, and crossing cars, lorries and buses without any damage. And do so in a temperature range from -25 to +60° C. Your advantages from HANNING & KAHL general overhaul:

1. Fulfilment of all mandatory regulations (BOStrab, VDV, etc.)
2. Original spare parts
3. Continued SIL certification
4. State-of-the-art technology
5. Comprehensive function test with inspection protocol
6. Price advantage over standard spare parts
7. Low operating costs
8. 12-month guarantee on material and work
9. 99.9 % technical availability
10. Plannable upkeep instead of unplanned malfunctions
11. On request, provision of a substitute point machine
12. Detailed documentation

By way of useful optimisation, we offer you retrofits and technical updates. We also retrofit your point machines to other versions.