Signal transmitter with day/night switch-over
Day/night switch-over activates a lower luminosity as daylight diminishes
Customised special solutions possible in all colours
LED signal transmitters are a technically and economically superior solution

LED Signal Transmitters

Setting Signals for Greater Safety

Signalling technology plays a critical role in rail-based public transport. The components deployed in signalling devices must provide a high level of safety and a great degree of availability. These requirements are met by modern and compatible LED signal transmitters which HANNING & KAHL now offers in the next generation.

The next generation of LED signal transmitters use long-life, SMD, light-emitting diodes with a wide beam angle (±60°). This means the same luminosity is achieved with less power. It also makes for greater compactness and reduced weight. The new day/night switchover is activated via a separate control input which generates less luminosity (about 50%) as daylight fades. Signal transmitter current consumption is measured with appropriate HANNING & KAHL components. The LED signal transmitters are available in white, yellow, red, green and blue with diameters 200 mm and 300 mm.

Combination signal transmitters
Combination signal transmitters have been developed for all different kinds of applications and for tight spaces. We can offer you signal transmitters combined with driving symbols or with point-position symbols, a combination of both, and also combined signal transmitters with matrix and traffic signals.

In the case of combined signals such as F0/F1, both signal aspects are galvanically separated to prevent mutual influencing and to achieve the required safety integrity level SIL3 in compliance with CENELEC EN 50129.

Matrix Signal Transmitters
BCD-coded matrix displays with 2 or 3 digits have been developed to provide drivers on depots information on start track, destination track or even vehicle ID number. A freely programmable matrix signal transmitter with 16 x 32 LEDs has been designed for special purposes and orders for minimum quantities.

Customised Signal Transmitters
Countries all over the world have different signalling codes. Operating worldwide as we do, HANNING & KAHL has constructed a large number of special-purpose signals for different projects. We would be delighted to give you an overview of the customised signals we have created to date and our customisable possibilities.

Accessories for LED Signal Transmitters
A range of accessories is available. Special filter discs prevent phantom light effects.

LED signal transmitters made by HANNING & KAHL are supplied complete with housing or easily retrofitted into existent signal transmitter housings. Housing types made by different manufacturers for diameters of 200 or 300 mm can be used.

We offer a wide range of metal and plastic masts for mounting the signal transmitter housing. From simple straight masts to whip masts – all are prepared for easy mounting and thus optimise the time needed to do so.

LED Signals. The Advantages.

  • bright and clear
  • good visibility from long distances
  • specially designed contrast panels rule out phantom images
  • unmistakable even when exposed to direct sunlight
  • reliable, long-life and extremely low-maintenance
  • insensitive to temperature and weather
  • compatible with existing devices / housings
  • easily installed / replaced
  • environmentally-friendly: modular construction in compliance with DIN ISO 14001
  • safety integrity level SIL 3 in compliance with CENELEC EN 50129
  • available in different sizes and colours
  • all BOStrab, VDV, DIN and CENELEC specifications are met

Technische Daten

Spannungsversorgung DC 24 V
zulässiger Temperaturbereich - 40 °C .... + 70 °C
Klimaklasse T1 und T2
Schutzart IP44 nach EN 60529 (oder besser, abhängig vom Gehäuse)
Ansteuerung Signalbild DC 24 V, -30/+25% (16,8 - 30,0 V)
Tag/Nachtumschaltung DC 24 V, -30/+25% (16,8 - 30,0 V)
Lichtstärke Tag/Nacht 100 %/50 %
Tragweite Signalbild ca. 50 m
Dimension Ø 200 mm: H max. 45 mm, Ø 300 mm: H max. 45 mm