100 % Low-Floor Vehicles, System variant Avenio TZ

The vehicle consists of 4 car bodies which rest on three motor bogies and one trailer bogie.

Each of the motor bogies is equipped with a HYS 106 spring-applied actuator which is positioned between motor and gearbox. Infinitely variable activation of the two spring-applied actuators of a motor bogie is effected via a hydraulic unit HZY K100-DP which triggers train control (e-supplier) via the electronic brake control unit HEY-C. A pressure sensor in the hydraulic unit reports the pressure in the service circuit. The position of the spring-applied actuator in the direction of the vehicle exterior makes for easy maintenance.

In the trailer bogie, each idle wheel is braked by active brake caliper HYA 26/50. The four brake calipers are activated by hydraulic unit HZY K100-AP with external pressure accumulator. In interaction with four speed sensors, the electronic brake control unit provides the necessary wheel-slide protection.

Two HS 70 track brakes per bogie, each with an adhesive strength of 70 kN, provide even greater deceleration in the event of emergency braking.