Mission Statement as a Benchmark

For management and staff at HANNING & KAHL, this mission statement is a binding declaration of intent. The extent to which we fulfil our ambitions is judged by those on whose assessment the success of our company ultimately depends: our customers.

We have all been there: caught up in daily business, there comes a point when we ask ourselves where we are heading with our zeal and our dedicated service. Our mission statement with its visions and guiding principles attempts to answer this question. It is designed to raise our horizon beyond the rim of the proverbial teacup and enable us to see where we are now and where we are going.

But what exactly is the purpose of a mission statement? To communicate a company’s self-concept. To provide orientation and motivation and to create a sense of identity – for each individual member of staff and for our organization as a whole. And to express our core values, our corporate culture. 

Within the mission statement, the vision articulates a kernel corporate goal, a visual image of our desired future position. This ideal should be something which all employees can subscribe to, something which rallies us all, regardless of position and the job each person does: WE are all working together on the same future. 

We derive our mission from our vision. This tells us, our customers and our suppliers WHY we do what we do. And HOW our business partners profit as a result.

As a medium-sized, family-owned company, we think and act in a down-to-earth and responsible manner. Our products and systems are engineered with sound competence inhouse and produced with a broad vertical range of manufacture. Savvy investments in our innovative strength pave the way for our long-term success. 

Best Performance Every Day.

We continuously optimise our processes – and thus ensure short lead times, faithful adherence to delivery dates and dependable quality. Innovations, large and small, keep us moving forward every day, enabling us to offer our customers the best products and the best service. And not just in Germany, but all over the world.
Our highly regarded culture of trust results in motivated staff and satisfied customers. The working relationships we have with our business partners and employees are built on mutual respect, openness and support – and form the basis for strong teams and constructive cooperation. By investing in high-quality professional development and staff qualification, we ensure tomorrow’s high performance, today.

Work-Life Balance – to Free you Up. 

With our ethos, our corporate culture, we wish to set a benchmark. Internally and externally. With modern, secure workplaces. With work-time arrangements which make it easier for employees to balance family and work, giving each member of staff space for personal development.

We know: corporate culture originates inhouse. It is homegrown by our daily actions, which we continuously scrutinise and refine.

Trust and fairness strengthen team spirit and release new energy. Energy with which we wish to shape our future – as leading innovators in our key market.

Our appreciative corporate culture creates a climate in which creativity and competence foster continuous growth. So that we can offer our customers the best products and render the best service.

Public transport – buses, but in particular rail-based transportation – is our biggest and most important target market. How will this market develop in the future? Will it grow  – and will we grow along with it? Yes, we are convinced that both will be the case.

The Transport Shift is Gaining Traction. 

A global megatrend today: more and more people live in expanding cities. Fortunately, a new mindset is spreading in major cities around the world: a shift away from the dominance of the automobile which congests roads and pollutes the air with fine dust and CO2, towards more convenient, safer and more environmentally-friendly mobility: to public transport. More and more traffic space previously reserved for cars is being given over to public transport. Light-rail vehicles and trams in particular play an important role here – also as feeders for urban and interurban trains.

This means new tasks and market potential for our customers – transport providers, vehicle manufacturers and system houses. Customer growth also means new growth potential for HANNING & KAHL and VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN. We wish to take advantage of these opportunities – and shape the future along with our customers - with creative ingenuity and zeal.

Enormous market potential which we intend to tap into consistently.

Buses run in almost every city and town; this is a sector where VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN wish to consolidate their market share and tap new potential. 

HANNING & KAHL and VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN are both active in the light-rail vehicle and tram market. Around 450 transport authorities all over the world operate rail-based public transport – more than 60 of them in Germany alone.  Every year, around 10 cities on all continents also decide in favour of this economical and ecologically viable means of transport. They maintain, modernise and extend their line networks and vehicle fleets. We are excellently positioned in this market with a stable base for growth.

We wish to drive the transport shift to sustainable energy forward with innovative products and services for public transport in order to make cities more liveable and sustainable.

For decades, our equipment has ensured progress and safety in public transport. Our innovative strength also benefits our customers – guaranteeing success all around.

For decades, HANNING & KAHL and VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN have contributed to operational safety  – all over the world, on thousands of kilometres all along the line. Thanks to our crucial products and services, millions of people can feel safe on their daily commutes.  

That is not the only reason why light-rail vehicles and trams are back and playing a vital role in modern urban traffic concepts. As an environmentally compatible and dependable method of transport they are literally gaining more and more of the limited ground available over motorised private transport.  

Helping to Shape the Future of Public Transport.

The transport shift to sustainable energy sources holds excellent future prospects for us. Our competency, our expertise and performance capacity in wayside and carborne safety equipment are now in greater demand than ever before. With our innovative strength and passion, we are unrivalled when it comes to ensuring smooth and safe transportation in our target market.

We strive to spearhead technological advances on our key market, to accelerate progress and to set new standards. To make public transport attractive and safe.

We are working towards 100% operational safety and 100% availability. Today and tomorrow.

For public transport operators all over the world who are looking for reliable, future-proof technology, we are a go-to supplier of braking systems, point machines and control, safety and information technology. Thanks to our ingenuity, experience and dedicated service.

Robust and long-life. Our products are subjected to extreme environmental conditions in rail operations. Stringent testing ensures that all our components and systems function with maximum safety and reliability.

Made in Germany. An excellently trained skilled workforce, a high degree of in-house production, total quality management: the result is first-class products Made in Germany.

Digital. With the help of digital technology, we provide comprehensive information on our components, e.g. to expedite predictive maintenance. Evaluating customer-equipment data also helps us to continuously hone our products. 

Backing you all the way. We support our customers with services which are perfectly coordinated to our products and functions. Our service hotline is available 24/7.

Self-critical. We continuously critically scrutinize our internal processes in order to fulfil the highest quality requirements and to avoid systematic errors.

Motivated. Exacting requirements spur us on. This is the way to improve! For us, technical standards and statutory requirements are the minimum which we fulfil.

Innovative and future-oriented. We assiduously develop new solutions for our customers while also consistently upgrading our proven products. To be able to offer our partners the best solution on the market today AND tomorrow.

Sustainable. Responsibility towards humankind and the environment, sparing use of resources, minimisation of emissions and efficient housekeeping are elementary for us. We support a sustainable shift in transportation with innovative, reliable systems for public transport; with analytical, operational data we help make future concepts more needs-based and more attractive.

For public transport to be attractive and future-proof, operations must be dependable. Our robust and reliable components help make sure all systems are go.

We are THE specialist for public transport. Our product portfolio is tailored precisely to mass transit. By pushing product development, we aim to consolidate and expand this market position and conquer new markets.

Delivering products and solutions for long-distance, commuter or freight transportation calls for competence. And that is exactly what we, as experts, bring to the table. Working closely together with our customers, we develop new products and mobility solutions to facilitate intelligent infrastructure. So that our customers are best prepared for the future.

In this mission statement we primarily looked at our activities for light-rail vehicles, trams and buses. They are the literal starting points of our success, our most important markets at the moment, and where we also see very good potential for HANNING & KAHL and for VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN going forward. But can’t our competence and our products also be successfully deployed in other fields?

Yes, they can! And they are already operating in these fields with growing success. We are gaining importance on the mainline railway market with our point-setting systems and our control and safety technology. And our braking systems are being increasingly applied in metro vehicles and driverless systems. 

We plan to systematically bolster this growth with new products and applications. Our expertise, our global engagement combined with our energy and enthusiasm put us in the pole position to do so.