Mission Statement as a Benchmark

For management and staff at HANNING & KAHL, this mission statement is a binding declaration of intent. The extent to which we fulfil our ambitions is judged by those on whose assessment the success of our company ultimately depends: our customers.

Our ambition is to become a leader in technology in our fields with innovative and future-proof products, systems and services. By offering quality and flexibility, planning ahead and acting in an environmentally-conscious and sustainable manner, we aim to be a competent partner for satisfied and successful customers. We strive to be an attractive employer with a people-oriented management style based on creative ingenuity.
Our empowered, highly-motivated and qualified staff provide solutions which ensure reliable systems and smooth operations for our customers. We constantly review and refine our working methods; we are committed to continuously improving the quality of our products and processes; and we welcome constructive criticism. These measures enable us to meet the most exacting quality standards of our customers. We grow by supplying innovative new products to developed markets and by successful migration of our proven products and services into new markets worldwide. We are well aware that we can only secure the long-term success of the company and steadily increase corporate earnings with a strong team and by talking to our customers. As a forward-looking company, we also know that a sustainable profit is vital for customers, staff and the shareholder family. Our commitment to posterity finds expression in sustainable business activities and the careful use of resources in the development and manufacture of our products.
As a medium-sized, independent, family-owned enterprise, HANNING & KAHL operates with a view to the future, bearing the needs of coming generations in mind. Our core competencies are products and systems which we develop and manufacture in-house. High productivity is guaranteed by sustained investments in machinery, design engineering and innovations. Certified for compliance with the highest standards, HANNING & KAHL continuously optimises work processes with regard to short turnaround times, adherence to delivery schedules, and quality. Our reliability is demonstrated by our commitment to total quality management and service, and is appreciated by satisfied customers.  Our worldwide network of representatives and subsidiaries ensures global customer proximity and excellent customer relations. Thanks to a culture of trust which we practise internally and externally we have acquired a high degree of acceptance in our markets. Daily interactions with our customers, partners and staff are governed by mutual respect, team spirit, sincerity and development opportunities. As staff require specialist skills and qualified knowledge to provide peak performance, professional development and training are integral parts of our corporate culture.