Force Measuring Device HZM
Sturdy case with IP68 and carry strap
Force Measuring Device HZM in case
Graphic representation opf measurements
As the pins can be locked, measurements can be made safely when trains are crossing points.

Perfect Force Testing on Point-Setting Systems

As a compact integration of a force-measuring pin and display device, the newly developed HZM force-measuring device provides everything you need for measuring forces on the point-setting systems.

The handy, ultra-light and versatile measuring device with extensive accessories has been awarded approval for use by Deutsche Bahn Netz AG. In addition, as manufacturer of the HZM force-measuring device, we have been certified Q1 supplier by the Deutsche Bahn. Compact design, simple operation, large memory, high degree of protection, long operating time make the HZM a reliable instrument, especially when in continuous use. The setting force, setting resistance and the holding force can be measured precisely, conveniently and swiftly.

In combination with all different kinds of force-measuring pins, the universal HZM force-measuring enables further versatile force-measuring possibilities not just on the points and point machines.

Force-measuring pins

The tedious task of calibrating measuring pins before each measurement is now a thing of the past. An EEPROM memory in the connector of the force-measuring pin stores the calibrating values, manufacturer data, and more. The intelligent solution prevents incorrect commissioning of the measuring pin by the operator. Locking the pin ensures measurements can be made safely when trains are crossing points.

We offer force-measuring pins for Deutsche Bahn point machines and other makes of point machines as well as for HANNING & KAHL point machines. We send you the connecting cable, locking plates, locking pin or extractor tools for all force-measuring pins.

HZM IIS-coupling module

With the help of the HZM IIS-coupling module, data can be exchanged between the HZM integrated inspection system (IIS) database system used by Deutsche Bahn. The HZM can use the export files from IIS for measurements and it can provide the measuring results in an import file for the IIS. 

HZM System

The Windows-compatible diagnostic software offers an extensive range of helpful and convincing tools. Project-related information on location, manufacturer, type, year of construction, year of installation can be easily managed and stored for further evaluation. Graphic representation of the forces measured, the overlap of the force curves and comparison with the nominal-actual values enable vital and extensive evaluation.

Force-measuring devices set

When you choose a HZM set, you receive a transportation
case fitted with all the accessories necessary for force
measurement for special applications:

  • HZM force-measuring device with charging device
  • Data memory for evaluation
  • PC software
  • Force-measuring pin with locking pin
  • Locking plate
  • USB cable
  • Documentation
  • Transportation case


We supply extensive accessories for the HZM force-measuring

  • External accumulator module
  • Printer
  • Charging devices for different voltages
  • USB cable
  • Force-measuring pin for different applications

Technical Data

Internal memory 2 GB
Power supply via internal accumulator (standard), Extension with external accumulator module possible
Charging device AC 110-230V 50/60Hz, DC 12-30V /Plug matching the cigarette lighter
Interface USB interface
Connection external data memory possible (for example USB stick)
LC display 64 x 128 pixel
Functions with temperature and humidity measurement
Protection class IP 54 protection