Brake Training via Internet

Matthew Davies. One of the main services offered by HANNING & KAHL is bespoke customer training aimed at imparting substantial knowledge of the maintenance and repair of HANNING & KAHL products and building up expertise in our customers' workshops. As the current pandemic does not always allow personal on-site training, new ways have to be found to achieve these results. 

The CAF Lund project in Sweden has now been equipped for the first time with a braking system from HANNING & KAHL in Oerlinghausen. The university town in the south of Sweden with about 40,000 students has a tram network of 5.5 kilometres and nine stops. Lund is the fourth city in Sweden to have a tram network. 

To enable the training of the maintenance team in Lund under the prevailing pandemic and to ensure the protection of the participants, it was decided to provide online training by video-conferencing systems. 

The scope and specific content of the training were agreed in advance and prepared by HANNING & KAHL. As the technical infrastructure in the form of software, cameras and microphones was available on both sides, the training workshop was very successful. 

Participants could ask questions and make comments at any time. In addition to a detailed theoretical presentation, it was possible to show all components of the hydraulic brake system including accessories in parallel via video broadcast, and to explain functionalities in detail. Many thanks to the maintenance team on site for their cooperation during the whole process. 
Alongside online training, a personal visit to Lund is planned for 2021. For future projects, online training can only ever be a supplement; it can never totally replace face-to-face training on site. Training format should always depend on the content.