© moBiel GmbH – Sarah Jonek
© moBiel GmbH – Sarah Jonek
© moBiel GmbH – Sarah Jonek
© moBiel GmbH – Sarah Jonek

New Vamos for LRV Fleet

Oerlinghausen. moBiel GmbH is modernising its fleet with 24 new light-rail vehicles of the second Vamos series, for which HANNING & KAHL GmbH & Co. KG is supplying the hydraulic braking systems.

The vehicles made by Leipzig-based Heiterblick will replace the same number of M8C trams which have been running in Bielefeld since the 1980s. The first vehicle arrived on moBiel’s depot per heavy haulage at the beginning of December. The transporter had a trailer with integrated tracks which meant that a crane was not needed to unload the LRV and place it on the rails.

The Vamos has four identical motor bogies, each with two motors. A HYS106 spring-applied brake caliper is mounted directly to the motor shield and has direct impact on the brake disc located on the high-speed motor shaft. The brake caliper is activated by a HZY-K100-DP hydraulic power unit and a VSS valve control stage.

Mounting, Installation and Tests

Some work still has to be done on the Vamos light-rail vehicles before commissioning can take place. Various electronic systems have to be adjusted to Bielefeld’s track network. After mounting and installation, there will be extensive tests and measurements on individual systems like brakes and train protection. There will also be tests on the rails. The first LRV is due to run in the city in the Teutoburg Forest region from February 2021. The order for the 24 Vamos vehicles of the second series worth around 95 million euros was placed with manufacturer consortium Heiterblick/Kiepe Electric in December 2017, the consortium which had already built the first 16 Vamos vehicles, for which HANNING & KAHL also supplied the braking systems.