SIL3 Tram Infrastructure for Amsterdam

Together with their Dutch partner Trubeka Techniek B.V., HANNING & KAHL GmbH & Co. KG reconstructed the infrastructure of two lines in Amsterdam – the metro Amstelveenlijn (Amstelveen Line) and IJtram –  to meet SIL3 requirements. Reconstruction included mounting signalling installations with HFP track circuit and HSK blocking circuit detection devices and point machines.

Metro en Tram Amsterdam (MeT) responsible for realisation, management and ownership of a safe, reliable, efficient and attractive metro and tram network, wanted to replace the existing controllers with axle counters. Nine stations were to be rebuilt on the Amstelveenlijn and two on IJtram. The project also included a depot on each line. Stadshart (the first stop on Amstelveenlijn) was reconstructed in six weeks in summer 2019 and started operation at the end of the summer holidays. Amstelveenlijn was completely finished and also started passenger operation as planned on 13 December 2020. 

Altogether, HANNING & KAHL installed four signalling installations and seven point controllers. The SIL3 verification for the signalling installations was provided by norms EN50126 to EN50129. Working closely with MeT’s Safety Manager and external assessors, HANNING & KAHL prepared the documents required for the CENELEC process. The East-Westphalian family company developed generic core software and adapted it with project-specific details for the signalling installations. The equipment also had to be integrated into the network, and the error evaluation into the software already used by Amsterdam’s municipal public transport company Gemeente Vervoer Bedrijf (GVB).

Two modern tram lines
IJburg is a new district in the East of Amsterdam which includes Zeeburgereiland (Zeeburg island). The island is to be redeveloped from an industrial zone into a new waterfront residential area– with living quarters, schools and sports facilities. IJtram is to provide a rapid and reliable connection between the neighbourhoods. One of the new signalling installations controls the tram traffic in the 1.9-km Piet Hein Tunnel. HANNING & KAHL‘s signalling installation has interfaces to an SOS system which prevents entry into the tunnel in an emergency and activates an automatic braking system for the trams.

Amstelveenlijn metro was converted into a high-grade tram line: reconstruction included segregating the trams from other road users by replacing three intersections with split-level crossings, redirecting the trams underground through open tunnels. This, along with investment in 100 new CAF Urbos trams equipped with HANNING & KAHL hydraulic braking systems, makes for increased headway and greater punctuality. The order for the extension of the Amstelveenlijn as far as Uithoorn - the Uithoornlijn -  for which three further stops are planned, has already been placed with the construction company.